Everything You Need To Know About The Massive WWE NXT Releases This Week

Published 05/20/2021, 1:56 AM EDT

Last month, WWE shockingly released a handful of WWE Superstars from the main roster due to budget cuts. This Wednesday, the same wave reached the shores of NXT.


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A bunch of wrestlers and referees were let go. The first report came of the release of referee Drake Wuertz. PWInsider reported that the referee was let go due to his actions outside the ring.

PWInsider also reported that the releases were scheduled three weeks ago, but did not take place. The NXT budget cut includes former NXT Champions and potential stars.


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WWE released former NXT Tag-Team Champion Alexander Wolfe after suffering defeat on the last episode of NXT. He was kicked out of the Imperium faction.

Wolfe first came to WWE in 2015. Along with Nikki Cross, Eric Young, and Sawyer Fulton, he gained notoriety in the Sanity stable.

Another shocking release is of MMA Horsewoman Jessamyn Duke. She had some brief appearances on Live TV in 2019.

Unfortunately, she got released before getting a proper chance to be in the ring. A similar thing happened to Vanessa Bourne, a former student of Hall of Famer Rikishi.

Kavita Devi got released after an extended leave. She left for an internal family issue and never returned.

Skyler Story was also released. Formerly known as Ava Storie and Brandi Lauren, the former EVOLVE superstar never made it to TV except for a Battle Royale.

Ezra Judge, a former Bodybuilder and arena Footballer, was released before making it to TV. Last but not the least, popular referee Jake Clemons was also part of the budget cuts.

NXT Superstars react to the release

After the news broke, several released Superstars issued a statement. Alexander Wolfe revealed his contract does not expire till next month, after which he would be a free agent. He thanked WWE for the six years of his career.

Ezra Judge proclaimed, I may be down but never OUT… Bent but not DESTROYED… The GRIND continues. I didn’t come this far… JUST TO COME THIS FAR. Until next time. Thank you all. Love you all. I’ll be back.”

Vanessa Borne released a video where she said she was “shocked” to hear the news of her release. But she was excited about the “next chapter in life.” She also hinted that her ideas were “given to someone else.”

Brandi Lauren aka Skyler Story wrote, “I don’t know what to say right now other than thank you.”

Jake Clemons wrote a simple thank you. You can check all the tweets below.


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