Greatest Verbal SmackDowns of
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in WWE

The Rock is the greatest talker to ever step foot in the squared circle. There is quite nobody like The Rock and these hand-picked verbal smackdowns will prove why No one can touch
'THe GReat One' on the mic

Mocking John Cena

The Rock mocked John Cena and everything related to Cena - from his gestures to merchandise and what not! 

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Drawing the heat in Canada!

The Rock definitely knew how to wind up an audience as he pushed the Canadian to a thunderous boo with his verbal smackdown

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The New Day Get Roasted!

The New Day were humiliated by the 'People's Champ' after he asked them their unicorn horn were actually..... (We don't need to type that)

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Mimicking Rikishi

The Rock mimicked his cousin Rikishi with the infamous "I Did It for The Rock" line and insulted him in a way he never had been before

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Dissing Triple H

The Rock dissed Triple H big time in front of over 100,000 fans at WrestleMania 31 asking him if he had kept his manhood locked in Stamford

Credit: YouTube/WWE

"It Doesn't Matter"

Dwayne The Rock Johnson absolutely insulted the hell out of Billy Gunn in one of his famous monologues of all time

Credit: YouTube/WWE