Did Floyd Mayweather Jr Cheat to Beat the 500lbs WWE Giant Big Show at WrestleMania?

Published 06/04/2021, 9:45 AM EDT

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WWE is famous for roping in high-profile celebrities ahead of big events, most notably WrestleMania. One such instance saw Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Junior going head to head with the giant Big Show.

The feud started off at WWE No Way Out 2008, when Mayweather came out to save Rey Mysterio from the wrath of Big Show. The giant mocked the height of the Boxing champion as he fell to his knees.

But “The Money” has never backed out of a fight. As a response to the mockery, Mayweather ambushed Big Show with a combination of punches, leading the latter to bust open and bleed profusely from his nose and mouth.


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Following night on RAW, Big Show challenged Mayweather to a match which the latter gladly accepted. In the build up to the “greatest stage of all time,” Mayweather threatened Show that he would break his jaw.

Considering the heightened animosity between the two, the match was turned into a no-disqualification battle. Given the immense publicity, millions of boxing and pro wrestling fans speculated on the results.

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Did Floyd Mayweather Jr cheat against Big Show?

The match was the penultimate one at WrestleMania. Being fully aware of their size disparity, Mayweather avoided Big Show in the beginning of the match. However, the giant cornered him, and “The Money” had to retaliate with a few punches.

Big Show not only assaulted Mayweather but also tried to break his infamous arms. The giant proceeded to wreak havoc as he attacked Mayweather’s entourage and wounded the boxing champion’s chest with a series of chops.


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Seeing no opening, the entourage attempted to walk away from the match, but Show was not having it. He dragged Mayweather back to the ring and attempted a chokeslam to finish the match.

Suddenly, a crew member attacked Show with a steel chair. This distraction gave “The Best Ever” ample time to hit Big Show with a low blow.

Mayweather then grabbed the chair and hit Show’s head multiple times. As a last nail in Show’s coffin, Money replaced his boxing gloves with a pair of hidden brass knuckles and knocked him out.


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“The Worlds’s Biggest Athlete” failed to get up before the referee’s ten count, giving his opponent a knockout victory. The match was well-received among both fans and critics.

Now, coming back to the question of whether “The Pretty Boy” cheated or not – the use of low blows and brass knuckles is not considered “legal” in pro-wrestling matches.

But given that it was a no DQ match, anything and everything was permitted.


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Hence, the “cheating” was sanctioned by WWE as they brought in one of the biggest athletes in the world. Even if he “cheated”, Mayweather’s bout against Big Show went down in history books.

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