Logan Paul Gets Respect From Dominik Mysterio Despite Getting Dom-Dom’s Face Messed Up on Raw

Logan Paul, known for his WWE appearances, recently graced the RAW stage in a surprising turn of events. In a shocking twist, he found himself in an unexpected alliance with Dominik Mysterio. This newfound respect has sparked intrigue among fans, as they wonder what lies ahead for this unlikely duo. 

During the episode of RAW, as Logan Paul took the center stage, Dominik Mysterio made an appearance, displaying a unique bond between them. Both individuals shared a common disdain for Rey Mysterio and his coveted United States Championship title. 

Logan Paul and Dominik Mysterio share respect

Their brief moment of respect involved Samantha Irvin repeatedly announcing Logan Paul's name, a gesture he appreciated. However, Paul's request to be introduced as the new United States Champion faced resistance from Irvin. The situation escalated dramatically when Ricochet unexpectedly attacked the duo, creating chaos.

Ricochet's ambush and Samantha Irvin's unique role

Despite Ricochet's ambush, Logan Paul and Dominik Mysterio's escape suggests a potential alliance at Crown Jewel. Dominik aiding Paul's bid to dethrone his father for the United States Championship could shake things up for Rey Mysterio and the LWO.

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