“My Mom’s Crying, I’m Crying”: Dwayne Johnson’s Biggest Hurdle Getting Into Wrestling Was His Own Father

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The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, shared his story on The Joe Rogan Experience via Spotify on November 15th, detailing his transition from wrestling to Hollywood and his distinctive challenges with Vince McMahon and his father, Rocky Johnson.

The Football Dream Deferred:

Before gracing the ring, The Rock aspired to be a football player. Yet, destiny had other plans. A call came too late, and wrestling beckoned. The major obstacle, however, was none other than his father, Rocky Johnson.

Father-Son Clash Over Wrestling:

In a revealing interview, Dwayne Johnson clashed with his father over wrestling despite a meager $300 (CAD) offer in 1994. Rocky Johnson's resistance caused household turmoil, with Johnson recalling a heated fight where his mom and he were in tears.

“Train Me or I’ll Find Someone Else”:

McMahon's call and Dwayne's decision to stay with WWE and join the Nation of Domination marked a turning point in his unparalleled success in wrestling and Hollywood. In an alternate reality, if 'The Rock' pursued MMA, what might have happened?

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