Rhea Ripley’s Definitive One Word Comment to Draymond Green’s Viral Moment

Heading 1

In a recent NBA game, Draymond Green shocked everyone by applying a sleeper hold on Rudy Gobert. WWE Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley responded with a brief and decisive comment, eliminating any room for debate.

Rhea Ripley's Noteworthy Reaction

Wrestling star Rhea Ripley responded to a social media post comparing her sleeper hold to Draymond Green's, choosing the one-word reply "MAMI," sparking discussion and offering a distinctive take on the differing wrestling techniques.

 The Question Posed by Social Media

A tweet asked, "Who did it better?" featuring visuals of sleeper holds from both sports. Rhea's response ignited curiosity, generating a buzz around the NBA and WWE wrestling style comparison.

 Draymond Green's Ejection Drama

Draymond used a sleeper hold to defend teammate Klay Thompson, resulting in a double ejection. The scuffle, involving Minnesota's Jaden McDaniels, led to a three-way departure.

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