Roman Reigns Puts Paul Heyman On Notice, Becky Lynch Slams Bianca Belair: Best Moments From WWE SmackDown (Sept 17, 2021)

WWE SmackDown: September 17th, 2021, focused on fewer matches but bigger segments. Both Champions faced their Challengers, while others paved the path towards an exciting future.

Let’s find out the best moments!

Roman Reigns Warns Paul Heyman

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The Tribal Chief has put Paul Heyman on notice and reminded Heyman exactly what he is being paid for, and to do his job properly

Seth Rollins Challenges Edge, Again

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The Drip God called for one last match with The Rated-R Superstar to end the feud after finishing him, following the previous devastating curb stomp

Kane Returns To The Ring

Credit: YouTube/WWE

WWE Hall of Famer, Kane, returned to the ring to kick of Bianca Belair’s homecoming celebration on WWE SmackDown at Knoxville, Tennessee

Becky Lynch Disrupts Bianca Belair’s Celebration

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The Man came to the ring during The EST of WWE’s homecoming celebration, and slammed her on the ring floor before walking away with the title

Big E & Finn Balor Defeat The Usos

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Heading 2

The WWE Champion and The Prince took on the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions, and emerged victorious in a non-title match

Sami Zayn Defeats Dominik Mysterio

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Sami Zayn and Dominik Mysterio went up against each other again, and Zayn overpowered Dominik yet again