Roman Reigns Returns, Edge Wins Royal Rumble: Best Moments from the WWE ThunderDome Era

WWE Introduced the Critically-acclaimed WWE THunderdome in August last year due to fans not being allowed to attend live shows

As WWE gears up to bid it adieu, let's check out the best moments from the brief
WWE ThunderDome Era

Roman Reigns Returns!

Roman Reigns returned at Summerslam 2020 with a new personality, and attacked both, The Fiend and Braun Strowman sending a strong message that he wasn't here to play around

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Sasha Banks wins
SmackDown Women's Championship

Sasha Banks and Bayley competed in a terrific Hell in a Cell match last year. Banks made history as she ended Bayley's record breaking reign to become the new champ

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Roman Reigns
breaks down?

Roman Reigns broke down during his Hell in a Cell match after Jimmy Uso came in for his brother's save. However, it was all a ploy as Reigns used Jimmy to get Jey to acknowledge him

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Bobby Lashley wins
WWE CHampionship!

Bobby Lashley finally realized his long-time dream of WWE Champion when he defeated The Miz on an episode of Raw earlier this year. Since then, the 'All-Might' has been unstoppable

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EDge Wins
2021 Royal Rumble

Edge entered the 2021 Royal Rumble match at #1 and lasted over an hour to win the Royal Rumble Match. Edge then went on to challenge Reigns for the Universal Championship

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Explosive action between Sheamus and Drew McINtyre

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus collided in an epic No Holds Barred Match at Fastlane 2021. During the match, McIntyre sent Sheamus crashing through the Thunderdome

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