Six Times John Cena Stole Finishing Moves of Other WWE Superstars

John Cena is a man who preaches Hustle, loyalty, and Respect. However, there have been times Cena has had to keep his belief aside and adapt with the situation

Here are six times John Cena used another Superstar' finishing move during his matches

Randy Orton's

John Cena did the unthinkable at the 2014 Royal Rumble when he used Randy Orton's RKO on the Orton himself! Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The Rock's
Rock Bottom

John Cena put out all the stops during his WrestleMania 29 match with The Rock in at the MetLife Stadium. He even delivered the Rock Bottom on The Rock to try to pick up the win

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The Undertaker's

John Cena mocked The Undertaker during a match with his brother Kane. He added fuel to the fire by hitting the Chokeslam on the 'Big Red Machine!'

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Stone Cold

John Cena gave the Stone Cold Stunner a little touch-up and added it to his regular moveset beginning in 2014. He uses a springboard version of the Stunner!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Alex Riley's

John Cena has executed several shocking moves, but the TKO aka Fallaway Stunner was the most shocking. After all, Cena's real-life rival Alex Riley used it as a finisher during his time in WWE

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Mitsuharu Misawa's
Emerald Flowsion

John Cena added legendary Japanese wrestler, Mitsuharu Misawa's finisher, the Emerald Flowsion to his arsenal starting in 2011 and it stayed for a few years

Credit: YouTube/WWE