The Undertaker to Batista: WWE Super Heavyweights That John Cena Defeated!

John Cena has wrestled many Superstars in his WWE career. However, some of them can be considered to be the Giants of WWE.

Do you know who they are? Let’s find out!

the undertaker

Credit: YouTube/WWE

John Cena and The Undertaker (2.08m) have faced each other six times and each of them has won three matches 


Credit: YouTube/WWE

Kane is almost 2.13m  tall, but this did not stop The Invisible Man from taking on the giant inside the ring, and defeating him

mark henry

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The World’s Strongest Man is over 1.90m  tall, but John Cena boldly faced him in the ring, and dominated the match like a true megastar


Credit: YouTube/WWE

Dave Bautista, who is around 6.3ft,  has faced in the ring more than once, and John Cena delivered F5s on him in more than one occasion

the great khali

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Heading 2

John Cena took on The Great Khali who has a height of over 214m, and managed to pick him up and execute a F5 on him, stunning the WWE Universe


Credit: YouTube/WWE

John Cena wrestled with a 1.93m tall Umaga, and had the strength to topple him over the ropes before attacking him with a steel block