Vince McMahon to Brock Lesnar: WWE Superstars The Undertaker Played Mind Games With

The Undertaker is known for his extremely grim character. However, there were times he took opponent confrontation to the next level and played mind games with them. 

Do you know who those Superstars are? Let’s find out!

vince mcmahon

Credit: YouTube/WWE

On WWE Raw in 1999, The Deadman set a teddy bear on fire in front of Vince McMahon, which Stephanie McMahon played with when she was young

brock lesnar

Credit: YouTube/WWE

In 2014, The Undertaker pretended to stab Brock Lesnar’s hand and then choke-slammed him through the table on WWE Monday Night Raw

buried alive

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Paul Bearer and others buried ‘The Deadman’ alive on In Your House: Buried Alive 1996, but lightning struck the grave and Taker was still alive

randy orton

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Prior to Hell in a Cell 2005, The Deadman took over interviewer Josh Mathews spoke in The Undertaker’s voice on SmackDown


Credit: YouTube/WWE

Heading 2

On WWE SmackDown, The Undertaker rose from the dead and dragged Kane to hell as Kane’s screams echoed through the arena in 2010

kevin nash

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Kevin Nash opened the coffin as The Undertaker’s signature bell started was ringing and found himself under the plastic sheet on WWE Raw in 1996