Vince McMahon to Triple H: WWE Superstars Who Pulled Off Extremely Hilarious Impersonations

WWE Superstars have their own unique characters and gimmick. However, some Superstars decided to mimic others in front of the entire WWE Universe. 

Let’s find out who they are! 

vince mcmahon

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Vince McMahon impersonated Ric Flair on Monday Night Raw in 2002, and brutally beat up ‘The Nature Boy’ when he interrupted the segment

triple h

Credit: YouTube/WWE

During the 2006 D-Generation X reunion, Triple H came out to the arena mimicking Vince McMahon to perfection. The crowd erupted with laughter

Shawn michaels

Credit: YouTube/WWE

HBK tricked the WWE fans into thinking The Undertaker was back after he took Kane’s help to trap ‘The Phenom’ in a casket and light it on fire at Royal Rumble 2002

kurt angle

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Kurt Angle impersonated John Cena on SmackDown in 2003, and copied everything from his gear to his in-ring mic skills


Credit: YouTube/WWE

Heading 2

Rated-RKO, Randy Orton and Edge, hilariously mimicked DX, Shawn Michaels and Triple H, on Monday Night Raw in 2006

the miz

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The Miz impersonated ‘The Great One’, and tricked almost everyone into believing it was The Rock entering the arena