wwe superstar john cena's
most insane
feats of strength

Credit: YouTube/WWE

John cena is an all time WWE great and is one of the strongest men to step foot in a wrestling ring. check out these amazing feats of strength from 'Super Cena'

Credit: YouTube/WWE

John Cena faced Edge at Unforgiven 2006. Cena picked Edge while standing on the ladder and executed an AA! How he kept his composure and picked a 240+ lbs pound Edge is a mystery!

Edge gets his
Attitude Adjusted

Credit: YouTube/WWE

John Cena became the first WWE Superstar to pin The Great Khali when he executed an AA off the top of a crane on the 7 foot 3, 400+ lbs Great Khali

Cena AA's 7'3'' giant
The Great Khali

Credit: YouTube/WWE

John Cena did the unthinkable when he picked both Edge and Big Show for the AA, that's over 650lbs! Now if this isn't enough for one to believe Cena is a Superhuman, we don't know what is

Superhuman Cena lifts
Edge and Big Show!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Cena's strength knows no bounds. He has delivered the Attitude Adjustment on the 'World's Strongest Man' Mark Henry several times. How can a man pick up 400+ lbs with ease?

AA to the
World's Strongest Man!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

John Cena impressed with his strength yet again when he put away the 400 lbs Big Show and then immediately dropped the 300 lbs Luke Harper. What strength!

Attitude Adjustments

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Brock Lesnar is a legit hard striker and one of the strongest men on the planet. Cena amazingly picks Lesnar with ease and drops him for a picture perfect AA!

Brock Lesnar 
goes down!

Credit: YouTube/YourTribalChief

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson went for a high cross body on Cena, but 'The Champ' caught him, rolled over with the momentum, and then put The Rock on his shoulders to deliver the AA!

Cena catches 
The Rock in mid-air!