Iconic Moments from
the First-Ever
AEW Double or Nothing

AEW announced their entry into the pro wrestling scene with Double or Nothing 2019.
It was the first PPV under the AEW banner and played a crucial role in laying the foundation for their debut on TNT later in the year.

Cody Rhodes Mocks Triple H

Cody Rhodes vandalized a throne that symbolized Triple H during his entrance with 'The Game's' favorite weapon - The Sledgehammer

Credit: YouTube/MASTERMIND

Dusty Will Be Proud

Cody and Dustin Rhodes stole the show and definitely made their father, 'American Dream' Dusty Rhodes proud of their excellent performance on PPV!

Credit: YouTube/Joseph Montecillo

Bret Hart introduces

WWE Hall of Famer Bret 'The Hitman' Hart graced Double or Nothing 2019 with his presence and even unveiled the AEW World Championship!

Credit: YouTube/MrDani 07 

Tag Team Paradise!

The Young Bucks and Lucha Brothers fought in a terrific tag team match for the AAA World Tag Team Titles. In the end, the Bucks prevailed

Credit: YouTube/Views Lucha

Chris Jericho defeats Omega

Chris Jericho finally put a full-stop to his long feud with Kenny Omega that started in NJPW with a Judas Effect at Double or Nothing 2019

Credit: YouTube/bhadgod H

Jon Moxley debuts

Jon Moxley made his shocking AEW debut after quitting WWE. He attacked Kenny Omega following his main event match against Chris Jericho

Credit: YouTube/Nathan