Australian Open: Rafael Nadal, Nick Kyrgios, Ash barty and Other Tennis Players' Altercations with Fans Over the Years

Fans are an integral part of tennis matches, but sometimes they get into the nerves of players and force a reaction from them. Here are some of those sour and sweet reactions at Australian Open.

Prankster at Australian Open 2018

A fan at Nick Kyrgios' match in Australian Open 2018 interrupted the match to film a 'funny video'.

Prankster in the crowd

Credit: Youtube/ATP/WTA World Tour

Stan Wawrinka clears fan's confusion

Stan Wawrinka corrected a Roger Federer fan in his match at Australian Open.

"He is on Rod Laver"

Credit: Youtube/Australian Open TV

Australian Open crowd disappointed Ash Barty

After the chair umpire asked the crowd not to scream in the match, the spectators imitated the players by making loud grunts.

"Ladies & gentlemen please do not scream during the rally "

Credit: Youtube/PrimeBAE

Irritated Nick Kyrgios at Australian Open 2018

Nick Kyrgios shouted at a spectator who was making noise during his service motion at Australian Open 2018

"Shut the F**k Up"

Credit: Youtube/Gkhn Mnrs

Rafael Nadal left laughing
at Australian Open 2021

Rafa Nadal was confused as a fan flicked the middle finger towards him during his match at Australian Open 2021.

"Who? Me?"

Credit: Youtube/AS World

Stefanos Tsitsipas at Ausralian Open 2021

Stefanos Tsitsipas had a funny and awkward post match interview as he tried to explain his victory at Australian Open 2021.

Tsitsipas Booed

Credit: Youtube/Australian Open TV

Fan ejected for a taunt at Australian Open 2012

A spectator was ejected from the stadium for a taunt on Victor Troicki at Australian Open 2012

“How do you say ‘choke’ in Serbian?”

Credit: Youtube/BIGBOSTO

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