Fighters with the most knockout wins in boxing history 

Over the course of history in boxing, there have been a many knockout artists. Today we take a look a few individuals who have been able to amass more knockouts than anyone else. The numbers will leave you flabbergasted 


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Billy Bird- 132 knockouts 

Bird, a British fighter fought a record 356 times and secured 132 of those wins via knockout which is the most in boxing history. 

Archie Moore-132 knockouts

Heavyweight champion Moore fought a total of 220 fights, with 186 wins and 132 of those coming via way of knockout 

Young Stribling- 129 knockouts 

Stribling fought a total of 253  and won 224 of those fights with 129 of those wins coming via way of knockout 

Sam Langford-126 knockouts 

Langford fought a mind-boggling 313 times over the course of his career with 211 wins and 126 of them coming via knockout 

Kid Azteca- 114 knockouts 

Azteca fought 252 times over the course of his career winning 192 of those fights with 114 coming via way of knockout

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