Jake Paul's Tattoos: Do They Make Any Sense?

Jake Paul's body is covered with several alluring tattoos. Here, we take a closer look at his inks and find out what they mean.

'KARMA' Tattoo

Paul is a believer in the cycle of Karma. So he decided to get the word tattooed on his right shoulder.

Lines Tattoo

On the right side of his stomach, over his ribs, contains a tattoo of a few lines starting with a few Chinese characters and then read - “FOR LOYALTY “HUMAN 656″ CLEVELAND, OHIO USA c.1997”. It is a tribute to himself and the place where he grew up. He was born in Cleveland Ohio, in 1997.

"RNBO" Tattoo

Paul owns a clothing brand named “Rise n’ Be Original." So, he decided to get its initials tattooed on his stomach.

Skull, Leaves, Globe, and
Snake Tattoo

Paul’s left shoulder contains a large tattoo of a dinosaur skull surrounded by leaves beside it. The skull is holding the globe in its mouth, with a huge hole in the shape of a keyhole made on the globe. There is also a snake that has wrapped himself around the whole tattoo.

GOAT Tattoo

The outer side of his left thigh contains a tattoo of the words,  “GOAT INTENT”, tattooed on it. The words cut each other as they are inked perpendicular to each other and share the same letter T in the middle.

Girl Tattoo

On his left forearm, Paul has a tattoo of the face of a scared woman showing she has just come from a battle. She is also wearing the face of a lion as a helmet. There is also a tattoo of a sword in the shape of a cross inked on the inner side of his elbow, just above the girl.

Back Tattoo

On his back, the 'Problem Child' inked a sword starting from his neck and reaching down his back. The sword is also surrounded by leaves and vines along with a banner wrapped around it, which reads - ” To Live Ex. Die”.

Gun Tattoo

Paul has a gun firing a bullet tattooed on his left thigh. The gun contains a logo of Gucci and a snake on it. The word, “VELOCE” is also tattooed near the gun.

Heart Tattoo

The side of Paul's left hand contains a tattoo of a line of small hearts on it.

Skull Tattoo

On the front side of his right leg, Paul has a tattoo of a large skull, laughing with its mouth open to reveal broken and incomplete teeth. There are also two large wings tattooed behind the skull.

'Gotha Hat' Tattoo

After Paul stole Floyd Mayweather's hat, the 'Gotha Hat' incident went viral overnight. Paul got 'Gotha Hat' tattooed on his right leg just above his skull tattoo and below his bow and arrow tattoo to mock Mayweather.


Paul has a short version of his nickname, the 'Problem Child', tattooed on his left upper chest, with only 'PRBLM' reading as 'Problem'.

Grenade Heart Tattoo

Paul has a human heart-shaped grenade held by a hand tattooed on his left chest.

Skull Octopus and Eagle

Paul has an Octopus tattoo, whose head is made out of a skull from his left chest. It goes all the way down to his mid-section with a skeleton middle finger inked on it. Right above this tattoo, he also has an eagle tattooed on his right upper chest.

"PAUL" Tattoo

Right below his 'RNBO' tattoo, Paul has his last name inked on him with a small cross mark right next to it.

Head Tattoo

Just above his left ear, the 'Problem Child' has a tiger encircled by a trio of butterflies inked on him.

Chinese Symbol Tattoo

The area behind his left ear contains a tattoo of three Chinese symbols on it.

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