Time Traveler Mystery From Mike Tyson’s 1995 Fight Video Finally Solved

Mike Tyson and Peter McNeeley clashed on Aug 19, 1995. Here, we look at the time traveler mystery regarding this fight finally being solved. 


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A smartphone in the crowd

Video Credit: Youtube/Inside Edition

Before the bell rang, a guy was seen holding a device that looked exactly like a modern-day smartphone.

However, in 1995, there were no smartphones produced. So, how was it possible for a guy to have a smartphone that didn’t even exist at that period?

Other time traveler mysteries

This isn’t the first time a time traveler theory appeared on the screen, especially regarding a smartphone. 

In a Charlie Chaplin movie premiere, a woman was seen walking with a cell phone. Again, there were no cell phones that existed during that period.

Video Credit: Youtube/Inside Edition

Mystery finally
being solved

According to Inside Edition, it turns out that the smartphone-looking device is actually an early version of a camcorder called the Dycam Logitech.

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