Five Things You Might Have Missed at Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley MVP Face 2 Face Interview With Ariel Helwani

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley will clash for eight three minutes rounds in a cruiserweight bout on August 29, 2021. Recently, Paul vs. Woodley MVP face 2 face interview with Ariel Helwani took place. Here are some of the best highlights from the interview.

Woodley is a "Speed Bump" -
Says Paul

When asked about his thoughts on fighting a UFC champion, Paul referred to Woodley as a "Speed Bump" of his boxing career.

Woodley Thinks Paul Is
Taking PED's

Woodley retaliated on Paul's "Speed Bump" comments by asking the 'Problem Child' whether he is taking PED's while referring to his acne as the "Bumps".

Woodley Left Paul

When the pair were going back and forth on the gangster topic, Woodley made huge claims which left Paul speechless.

The 'Problem Child' Goes

While making fun of Woodley's rap career, Paul went personal by referring to a situation where 'Momma' Woodley fell asleep in the studio.

Paul on Fighter's Pay

In one of his interviews, 'The Chosen One' claimed Paul doesn't care about the fighter's pay. When Helwani asked Paul to share his thoughts on Woodley's claims, the 'Problem Child' made huge claims of his own.

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