Demonic Moments When WWE Superstars Dragged their Opponents to Hell!

There are some WWE Superstars that have taken their opponents to the ultimate depths of ring breaking through the ring.

Check out The Undertaker, Kane and The Fiend take their opponents to hell

Diesel gets dragged to hell

The Undertaker dragged Diesel to hell costing him a WrestleMania match. Bret Hart capitalized and escaped to retain his title

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Taker drags Kane to hell!

The Undertaker dragged his brother Kane to hell during their infamous 2010 Rivalry for the World Heavyweight Championship

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Seth Rollins goes to hell

Seth Rollins was dragged to hell by 'Demon' Kane after weeks of verbal torment from Rollins to Corporate Kane

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Zack ryder almost enters the abyss

Kane almost dragged Zack Ryder into the Abyss during his infamous rivalry with John Cena. Luckily, Cena saved Ryder

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The fiend takes seth rollins to hell

The Fiend attacked Universal Champion Seth Rollins during his match with Roman Reigns and dragged him in hell

Credit: YouTube/WWE