PewDiePie Confesses a “Planned Robbery” He Did Back In the Day

PewDiePie, one of the most influential streamers of all time, has a dark confession from his past. He planned a robbery with his friends in the game Tibia, which could have landed him in jail.

Former YouTube King's Shocking Confession: The Dark Side of Tibia's Trading Craze

In a candid revelation, the 'Former YouTube King' confesses to being part of a data theft incident during Tibia's popularity in Sweden. 

The game's asset trading on eBay was a significant contributor to eSports, but this confession unveils the dark side of that craze.

PewDiePie's Shocking Gaming Prank: A Tale of Betrayal in Tibia

PewDiePie recounts a disastrous gaming encounter in an unexpected twist. What began as a simple item exchange evolved into a deceptive operation utilizing keylogger software. 

The streamer acquired the stranger's Tibia account information, pranking him by returning the purchased item and confiscating all of his assets, even killing the player's character in the game. 

PewDiePie quotes, “We took all his items. You may think I crippled this guy enough. If you’re watching, the guy that we did this to I am sorry. I don’t know what was wrong with me. But we thought it would be fun to kill his character. An ungodly amount of time till he got to level 8.” 

Credit Source: YouTube PewDiePie Highlights

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