Hardest Moment for a Gamer: Diablo IV Players Lose 40 Hours of Progress Because of a Frustrating Reason

Published 07/24/2023, 12:01 PM EDT

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Diablo 4 has already become Blizzard’s highest-selling game of all time. The title was able to reach over 10 million players in just the month of its release. Ever since its launch, Diablo 4 has been through a range of ups and downs. While fans have had complaints about the game’s patch updates, there has also been a constant appreciation of the Dungeon-themed narrative. The game has mostly been in the limelight for its hardcore mode. But it seems like a Diablo 4 pro had to lose all the Hardcore gameplay progress due to an unfortunate event. 

The Hardcore mode adapts to the concept of permadeath in the game. Permadeath’s feature brings realism to the gameplay, increasing the adrenaline in the players. In the most difficult versions of Diablo 4, players cannot revive after dying. Just like in real life, a character’s death in the virtual world would mean forever. Recently, a popular streamer running so close to level hundred had to lose all progress due to the hardcore mode caught in a Twitch live stream. 

Diablo 4 Streamer Faces A Brief Disconnect, Loses All 48 Hours of Gametime 


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The popular YouTuber and streamer Wudijo has taken on the challenge to complete Season 1 of Diablo 4 Hardcore mode just five hours after the launch. Wudijo, considered one of the best Diablo 4 players across the globe, is expected to ace the challenge. But destiny had other plans for the streamer. While the gamer was streaming his progress on Twitch live stream, he suffered a brief power cut. When back, the latter had lost all the progress he had made till then. 


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The progress included 48 hours of gameplay with level 93. Being just 7 steps short of level 100, Wudijo’s character in the game was killed by a Revenant. The streamer attributed the unfortunate defeat to the sudden connection loss. Although there’s nothing the makers can do in such an unlucky series of events, the streamer’s audience was seen blaming Blizzard. The reason fans called out the makers was for the title’s constant dependency on online gameplay.

This isn’t the first time a player has suffered progress loss due to connectivity issues. The makers have been receiving a lot of complaints since the release of such issues. Blizzard has also tried to assure gamers about their plans on fixing these patches for a better experience. The makers have also emphasized their blueprint for the upcoming season 3 of Diablo 4. It will be interesting to see how the makers can revert to the changes made through new patches. 


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Have you ever lost any gameplay progress due to a poor connection? Well, if not then we would advise you to check your connection the next time you sit to play Diablo 4.

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