Star Wars Outlaws: All the Discoverable Planets Featured in the Ubisoft Mega Title

Star Wars Outlaws, Ubisoft's upcoming open-world Star Wars game, is set to release This September. While there is no official information on the planets in the game, here is what we know so far.

Planets to Explore in Star Wars Outlaws

Ubisoft's upcoming Star Wars Outlaws promises an enhanced open-world experience set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. As the first open-world game in the franchise, it's crucial for the sci-fi genre to shine, and the makers seem to have taken fans' concerns to heart. 


In the upcoming Star Wars game, players will have the opportunity to explore the frozen planet of Kijimi during the pre-Galactic Empire era. They may even be able to uncover Zori Bliss' mother, Zeva Bliss, and experience the planet before it was devastated by the First Order.


Tatooine is a desert planet in the Star Wars universe that is known for its harsh environment and its role in the galaxy's criminal underworld. The planet is also the homeworld of Anakin and Luke Skywalker, two of the most important characters in the Star Wars saga.


Akiva is a remote planet in the Outer Rim Territories that was once home to a droid factory during the Clone Wars. After the war, the planet was taken over by the Galactic Empire and is now governed by the Satrapy of Myrra.


Toshara is a new planet that will be introduced in Star Wars Outlaws. It is a windswept planet with a harsh environment. The planet is also home to a ruthless world of space criminals.


Cantonica is a desert planet in the Star Wars universe that is known for its glitzy casino city, Canto Bright. The city is a popular destination for wealthy tourists, smugglers, and war profiteers. It is a place where anything is possible, and players will be able to experience the thrill of gambling, the excitement of racing, and the danger of underworld dealings.

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