F1 drivers salaries revealed: How much do Lewis Hamilton, Vettel and Ricciardo earn?

F1 drivers rake in huge sums for their efforts on track.

Here is how much a few of them are annually paid by their respective teams.

The Spaniard is returning to F1 as one of the highest-paid drivers on the grid.


Fernando Alonso
$20 Million

Daniel Ricciardo & Sebastian Vettel
   ($20 Million)           ($35 Million)

However, the duo have reportedly taken a significant pay cut (almost 50%) to join their respective new teams in 2021.

Max Verstappen
$16 Million

The Ferrari championship hopeful lives in his birthplace, Monaco. He is pictured going around in flashy cars, time to time.

Charles Leclerc - $9 Million

Credit: Youtube/Planet F1

However, there is someone important who is missing out from the 2021 F1 payroll...

That man is none other than Lewis Hamilton who is still without a contract for next season.

Hamilton wants to retain his previous salary of $47 million a year, which Mercedes are reportedly rejecting. 

Lewis' high demands

Credit: Youtube/Out of context F1

However, recently Toto Wolff calmed the nerves by hinting at an agreement between the two parties.

"The Lawyers are working hard... At some point, we will finalize it."

- Toto Wolff

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