Are Lando Norris and PSG Sensation Kylian Mbappé Sharing a Barber's Chair?

Beyond athletic talent, racecar driver Lando Norris and football superstar Kylian Mbappé unexpectedly cross paths at the barber's chair. Sharing hairstylist Ahmed Alsanawi, known as A-Star, famed for football icons' looks, Alsanawi's scissors now make their mark in F1, bridging glamour and speed.

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Unlikely Barber Bond

Racecar ace Lando Norris and football star Kylian Mbappé share a barbershop link, courtesy of hairstylist A-Star (Ahmed Alsanawi). A maestro of iconic footballer looks, A-Star's scissors now bridge the glamour of F1 with his celebrated artistry. Norris had a Taper fade hairstyle with texture. A-star barber shared a short clip of the process on Instagram with a caption, "Racing towards my destiny. @landonorris 🏎...."

Video: A-star Barber Instagram

Ahmed Alsanawi is a star barber for many athletes

In the realm of elite athlete hairstyles, A-Star wields shears with unparalleled finesse. Ahmed Alsanawi's captivating craftsmanship has charmed football icons—Mbappe, Eden Hazard, Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford, Erling Haaland—earning a legion of social media devotees. His scissors are a symphony of style, transforming mere haircuts into a global sensation, sparking fandom beyond the pitch's confines.

Tomorrowland Rhythms Revive F1 Aces

Post Belgian GP, F1's Norris and Verstappen trade helmets for music at Tomorrowland Fest, grooving with DJ Garrix. Amid electric lights, they blend racing intensity with pulsating beats, energizing for the season ahead and bridging high-speed action with vibrant rhythms.

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