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In an unexpected turn of events within the thrilling world of motorsport, the legendary name of Sainz has once again been thrust into the limelight. However, this time it’s not the familiar sight of Carlos Sainz Jr. on the Formula 1 track, but a surprise appearance from his father, Carlos Sainz Sr., a two-time world rally champion. This may not be a huge deal that Carlos may worry about but has caused fervent chatter about the young Spaniard’s dry spell in F1. Let’s delve into this surprising narrative that the fans have figured out during the Austrian GP weekend.

Carlos Sainz Jr., despite his valiant efforts, hasn’t been on the cherished podium steps in 2023. As the son was grappling with the trials of the track, the father was turning fans’ heads around. As per a tweet made by a witty fan, Carlos Sainz Sr., a titan in the world of rally racing, made an unexpected visit to the podium.


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The event was the podium ceremony of the F2 Sprint Race at the 2023 Austrian Grand Prix. Carlos Sr. had been invited to give out the winning trophy to Jak Crawford. Claiming his inaugural Formula 2 victory in the electrifying sprint race in Austria, he began the race as the pole sitter under a mercurial sky. Despite losing his initial advantage, he masterfully recaptured the lead.

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While the younger Sainz was wrestling with understeer and strategizing tire management at Spielberg, his father was busy writing his own script not on the dusty and rugged terrain of rally racing. Rather at the F2 podium.

Why Carlos Sainz Jr. is not able to manage podium finishes in 2023?

There are several factors contributing to this situation, with most of them revolving around Ferrari‘s 2023 car, the SF-23, and the changes it underwent after the 2022 season. Ferrari altered the aerodynamic profile of their 2023 car in an attempt to compete with Red Bull’s straight-line speed.


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Unfortunately, this decision has led to a decrease in peak downforce levels, causing the car to struggle in corners compared to its predecessor. Sainz has described the SF-23 as a “very peaky car” and “unpredictable in the race,” which has contributed to the difficulty in securing podium finishes. One of the key issues with the car is that it is hard on the tires, resulting in higher tire degradation during races. The car also performs poorly in ‘dirty air’, making it challenging to attempt overtakes.

But, the recent upgrade package from Maranello saw the drivers in red perform well at the Austrian GP Qualifying. Gifting the Ferrari team a 2-3 grid starting position. This has awoken hope among the Tifosi for the real showdown at the main race.


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As we look forward to the next season, we can’t help but wonder what’s next for the father-son duo. Until then, we keep our seatbelts fastened and our eyes on the track, for in the thrilling saga of motorsports, the next lap always promises a new twist.

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