Despite a $141,000 Worth Weapon Up His Sleeve, Lewis Hamilton Contradicts Toto Wolff’s Silverstone Aspirations

This weekend fans will witness the much-anticipated Silverstone GP. This race is the home race for 7-time World Champion, Lewis Hamilton; hence, Mercedes are pretty hopeful about the Brit’s chances. On the other hand, Mercedes made some upgrades in W14. Despite that, Hamilton is not pretty hopeful about Silverstone, which certainly won’t please Toto Wolff. 

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Toto Wolff had high hopes for the Silverstone GP

During the Canadian GP, Wolff was asked if Mercedes could win a race this season. He answered, "Silverstone." After a terrible result in Austria, Wolff said, “Austria is a learning race because we’re not introducing any major upgrades. We’re just trying to understand more. For me, personally, if you can’t compete for P1 or for the championship, P2, P3 isn’t of utmost importance. It’s really to accelerate our learning curve.”

Mercedes made some upgrades 

Since F1 introduced a budget cap in 2022, Mercedes have struggled to make a faster car. Whereas, Red Bull created a beast for Max Verstappen. Mercedes already made some upgrades in W14, which gave them good results in Barcelona and Montreal. However, they struggled again in Austria. Now, they made a front wing change in W14, which will cost them around $141,000. Will it be enough to challenge Red Bull? 

Hamilton is not too hopeful about Silverstone

Before the British GP, homeboy Hamilton was asked about the new upgrades. In reply, he said, “We have a new front wing. So it’s just one step, hopefully further in the right direction. It’s not a huge package or anything like that. We’re just making, step by step, hopefully trying to close down the gap.”

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