F1 veteran shocked as Charles Leclerc's bratty behavior is overlooked by Ferrari in surprising decision.

Fans and F1 experts were shocked when Charles Leclerc expressed frustration after being eliminated from the Canadian GP. Although Ferrari allows him to criticize their decisions at times, it becomes excessive. Leclerc's impressive performance couldn't overcome Ferrari's lack of competitive cars, hindering his championship aspirations.

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Leclerc's Frustrations and Ferrari Criticism

 Charles Leclerc's candid radio rants and criticisms towards Ferrari have shocked fans and F1 specialists. The team's strategic decisions, coupled with a lack of competitive vehicles, have led to his frustration and occasional public criticisms of the team. 

The Purpose behind Leclerc's Radio Rants

Leclerc justifies his radio rants by emphasizing the importance of open communication between the team and the driver. The two-way honesty helps address errors and differing perspectives between the driver and the pit wall, allowing for progress despite occasional disagreements and frustrations. Leclerc said to Guardian, "We disagree sometimes as we are very honest with one another. I say to the team what I think and the team say what they think. This is the way to move forward."

F1 Veteran Expresses Disbelief

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