From Shocking Lewis Hamilton crash to Ferrari Pit Stop Blunder: Bahrain GP most sensational moments 

This weekend will cut the ribbon on the 2021 F1 season hopefully with a thrilling race in Bahrain.

So, we take a moment to look back on the most eye-catching moments in its history -

2008 Bahrain GP
Hamilton rams into Alonso

Lewis on top of Fernando

The pair were bitter rivals because of their acrimonious relationship in 2007. Hamilton inexpiably crashed into Alonso.

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

2020 Bahrain GP
Grosjean's death-defying crash

Grosjean's fireball escape

This race will forever be etched into the history of F1 as Grosjean's death-defying escape was heroic.

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

2014 Bahrain GP
Crash master Maldonalo at work

Gutierrez somersaults

Maldonado rammed into the side of Esteban's car, sending the latter into a 360 degree spin.

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

2014 Bahrain GP
Hamilton-Rosberg Battle

Duel in the desert

Hamilton and Rosberg served up a treat with their back and forth. The only time a wheel-to-wheel stayed fair between the Mercedes duo.

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

2018 Bahrain GP
Ferrari mechanic seriously injured

Leg-breaker from Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen's early release from a pit-stop broke a mechanic's leg. He required surgery while Ferrari were fined $60,000.

Credit: Youtube/Formula 1

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