Lewis Hamilton Expresses Gratitude to Sebastian Vettel for Saving Him in “Brave” Fashion From Horrific Reality of F1

Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton are two of the greatest drivers in F1. While they had a fierce rivalry on the track, they were really good friends off the track. The German driver retired from the sport last year, as Hamilton is still continuing. Recently, Hamilton talked about receiving support from Vettel, as he exposed racism in F1. 

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Vettel showed his support for the 'BLM' movement 

In 2020, many African American athletes joined the worldwide movement ‘Black Lives Matter’. As the only African American driver in F1, Hamilton also took a knee and joined the movement. During that time, Vettel showed great support for Hamilton and supported the movement along with Hamilton. Vettel did not have a social media account. Hence, he used the hashtag of the movement on his helmet. 

Hamilton talked about receiving support from Vettel

While talking to DAZN, Hamilton said, “We have to get people to empathize, we need empathy. Sometimes I wonder, does anyone else care? Sebastian (Vettel) was one of those who supported me the most.”

Hamilton exposed racism in F1

Hamilton further said, “He (Vettel) told me that some teams were talking racist things about me. He got down on one knee with me in 2020, I have yet to see a driver as brave as him. Laws must be changed so that people live better. We are risking our lives to try to educate others.”

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