Lewis Hamilton remains unwavering in his determination to halt Max Verstappen's dominance, despite enduring significant neglect from the FIA

Formula 1 has witnessed different eras, from Schumacher to Vettel, then Hamilton's Mercedes dominance, and now Verstappen's reign. However, Hamilton, now on the other side, reflects on his previous statements, facing backlash for urging FIA intervention. He now seeks to clarify his position.

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Lewis Hamilton's Hopeful Outlook

Despite the FIA's reluctance to intervene, Lewis Hamilton remains optimistic for the future. He believes that continuing conversations about leveling the playing field and implementing measures like budget caps can prevent prolonged dominance by any team. Hamilton said, 
“I think they changed the rules, put in a budget cap to level the playing field, but that didn’t happen. So, all I’m saying is we need to continue the conversation.

Hamilton's Reflection on Own Success

Acknowledging accusations of hypocrisy, Hamilton expresses remorse for his own past dominance. He recalls both competitive battles and large performance gaps during his reign, emphasizing the need for fairness and genuine competition in Formula 1. 

Red Bull's Advantage

To address Red Bull's current advantage, Hamilton suggests implementing an embargo on the development of next season's car. This measure aims to limit one team's ability to maintain a sustained advantage, fostering a more competitive and unpredictable environment in the sport.

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