Helmut Marko's Frightening Reality Slap: Lewis Hamilton Downplays Max Verstappen's Dominance!

Breaking their six-race pole position streak, Red Bull's quest for a 12th consecutive Grand Prix win culminated in victory. However, Lewis Hamilton noted changes in their performance. He pointed out the disappearance of their DRS advantage despite recent upgrades, sparking intrigue in the evolving F1 landscape.

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Red Bull's Dominant Streak and Hamilton's Concerns

Red Bull's 12-race winning streak remains unparalleled since 1988, but Lewis Hamilton questions their recent performance decline, particularly their DRS advantage. His observations raise genuine curiosity about the cause of the shift. 

Marko's Chilling Warning and Unleashed Potential

Helmut Marko, the Red Bull advisor, responds to Hamilton's comments by warning about the untapped potential of their recent upgrade. Despite qualifying struggles, Red Bull displayed their full potential during the Hungarian GP, keeping rivals on edge. Marko said, . “But in the race, we managed to get it right. However, I believe we haven’t fully tapped into the potential of our upgrade yet.“

Red Bull's Racing Prowess and Anticipation for Belgium

Red Bull's supremacy in the 2023 F1 season is undeniable, surpassing historical records. With Verstappen's remarkable driving, they aim to maintain their victorious streak. Marko anticipates an advantage at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, keeping fans eagerly awaiting the next race.

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