Max Verstappen joins Lionel Messi in creating special historic feat

Max Verstappen broke Ayrton Senna's win record and already is in comparison to F1 greats. His third championship in Qatar drew parallels to Lionel Messi's historic achievements. 

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Verstappen's Qatar Triumph and Messi Comparison

With his third championship in the Qatar GP, Max is on the same throne as Lionel Messi. Messi won the 2022 FIFA World Cup win in Qatar and made history. Both athletes achieved titles in the same location.

Verstappen's Dominance and Records

During this championship season, Verstappen had a consecutive win streak of 10 races. He surpassed Ayrton Senna's win record and helped Red Bull break McLaren's consecutive race wins record.

Records to Be Made

Max can potentially set new records by surpassing his own highest season points record. Sebastian Vettel currently holds this record.

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