Sergio Perez Caught in the Crossfire as Sebastian Vettel Dismisses All Attempts to Downplay Verstappen’s Dominance

4-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel retired last year after spending almost 15 years on the F1 circuit. Meanwhile, he recently appeared at the Goodwood Festival, where he compared his Red Bull dominance to Max Verstappen’s Red Bull dominance. Moreover, he gave massive credit to the Dutch driver, as Sergio Perez was caught in the crossfire. 

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Vettel made a comparison 

From 2010 to 2013, Vettel won four championships with Red Bull. Now, Red Bull has entered another era of dominance with Verstappen. Speaking about this, Vettel said, “Every year is different, and so are dominant periods. So comparing becomes very difficult and pointless because the time in which I achieved my performance cannot be compared to contemporary racing. The only comparable thing about both situations: even now, with Verstappen in the RB19 car, everything seems to be right.”

Vettel talks about Sergio Perez’s mistakes

Despite having the same car, Perez has been making some glaring mistakes this season, as he has fallen behind Max. Speaking about it, Vettel said, “I don’t want to say that Sergio (Pérez, Verstappen’s teammate, ed.) is a less good driver, but with him, you can see where the mistakes come easily.”

Vettel lauded Verstappen

Often people don’t give Max enough credit for his performance on the track. However, Vettel is not one of them, as he gave full credit to Max for his dominance. He said, “Max (Verstappen) deserves all the credit because he’s just doing an excellent job. He is a great talent and he hardly makes any mistakes.”

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