Shortest F1 Drivers Ever Feat. Yuki Tsunoda &
 Lando Norris

In sharp contrast to NBA athletes, F1 drivers excel when they have a shorter frame as it helps in balance of the car.

Yuki Tsunoda is the shortest driver in F1 this century. But is he the shortest of all-time?

Check out where he ranks -

9) Fernando Alonso
1.71m or 5ft 7in

8) Lando Norris
1.70m or 5ft 7in

7) Gilles Villeneuve
1.68m or 5ft 6in

6) Johnny Herbert
1.67m or 5ft 5.5in

5) Anthony Davidson
1.66m or 5ft 5in

4) Alain Prost
1.65m or 5ft 4.5in

3) Takuma Sato
1.64m or 5ft 4in

2) Yuki Tsunoda
1.59m or 5ft 2in

The Japanese rookie driver does not shy away from making fun of his short stature on social media either. Now let's see who is the shortest driver in F1 history.

1) Andrea Montermini 
1.57m or 5ft 1.5in

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