John Daly Gets Emotional While Talking About the Biggest Loss of His Life

John Daly is best known for his impeccable game on the course and his extravagant lifestyle off it. However, there is another side to the 56-year-old professional that only a few know. The ever so chirpy Daly once turned emotional while talking about the passing of his mother and what she meant to him.

daly's mom ment everything to him

In 2013, when David Feherty interviewed Daly, a tearful John revealed that losing his mom was an enormous loss for him. “She was my hero,” said John. “She was everything to me.”


Daly’s mom passed away early in 2002. “Yeah, she was 65. Everybody misses my mom around here. Unfortunately, she passed away when I was in Australia,” he said. “Just one of those bad rounds. I was playing with Norman, and that’s where I threw the putter in the water and walked back to my room.”

John Daly and his battle with cancer

John Daly had an indisciplined lifestyle throughout the majority of his career.In September 2020, John was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Thankfully, he received the right treatment in time and successfully beat it. However, the problem was that the tumor was big. Hence, even a single cancerous cell might exaggerate it once again.

daly's current
health update

Luckily, so far, Daly and been keeping healthy and fine. Reportedly, he now visits the doctor only once in six months and will have to do it for at least five more years.

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