John Daly Once Revealed
if He Actually Killed a Lion With His Shirt

Nicknamed Long John, the two-time major winner is considered the most popular golfer among all PGA Tour players. Along with his long drives, his free-spirited lifestyle has helped him attract millions of fans around the globe. Known for living by his own rules, Daly often shares some exciting anecdotes from his extraordinary life. However, while some are fact-based, others, are pure fiction.

the rumor of daly killing a lion

‘John Daly is responsible for killing a lion after feeding it his t-shirt’ is an incident that apparently happened during the 1984 Lumber Classic Golf. The shirt he fed the lion got stuck in between the animal’s intestine, after which it had to be put down.

daly clarifies
the matter

The fact-checking of this story happened on the Howard Stern Show, on which the golfer had appeared as a guest. “No…That’s not true,” Daly was quick to answer when the host asked him about the story.

The truth behind the
story involving John Daly and the lion!

According to Daly, the shirt he threw at the lion fell in between the two fences. “The lion got his paw, but it didn’t grab the shirt,” he further added. “It just attacked the damn thing.”

daly apologies to the care taker

Furthermore, he explained that he apologized to the girl who was taking care of the animal, and she moved the shirt away. The adventures of John Daly could be a never-ending book with numerous stories. However, him being responsible for killing a lion won’t be a part of it.

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