John Daly Once Revealed the Shocking Age at Which He First Got Drunk

Veteran golfer John Daly, who has been quite open about his drinking habits, once revealed how old he was when he had his first drink; the number might actually surprise you.

daly reveals when he first got drunk

Daly revealed that he was eight years old when he got drunk with his brother for the first time while his elder brother was nine.

daly explains the
whole incident

John Daly said that he and his brother were helping out his father in making Muscadine Wine. It was during this time that Daly told his brother, “ f***  we’re making it, we might as well drink it.”

daly's mom catches him drunk at age 8

After finishing a jar of fresh-made Wine, Daly and his brother Jamie were nervous if their mother would make out if they were drunk. So his brother Jamie hid in his closet while Daly hid under the kitchen sink.

The only time John Daly got drunk during a PGA Tournament

In the documentary produced by ESPN,  ‘Hit It Hard’ Daly said, “I never had any alcohol on the golf course that I remember, except for one time, and that was the L.A. Open.”

daly's addictive drinking habit

Daly once humorously claimed that he would win every week on Tour if he could drink during his rounds. Many people believe that John Daly would have achieved a lot if he did not have such addictive drinking habit

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