John Daly Reveals the Dress Code for His Golf Course

John Daly is famous for his fashion sense when it comes to golf, and there are certain outfits he’ll never wear while playing 18 holes. Daly even spoke about it during an appearance on Conan O’ Brien’s show.

 When did Daly appear on the Conan O’Brien show?

Daly came on the Conan O’Brien show way back in 2002 where he spoke a lot of golf and his fashion choices too!

O’Brien acknowledges Daly’s attire 

O’Brien said that Daly has a very different approach to golf, which is completely different from any other professional golfer. To which, Daly laughed and they quickly started discussing Daly not wanting to exercise, playing his game without wanting to overanalyze his swing.

Daly against Dress Code 

The two then ended up talking about how Daly is against a dress code in golf, where Daly said “Grip it and hit it, I mean, I feel like somebody’s got a thumb in my throat when I wear one of them things,” Daly said while pointing at O’Brien’s tie. “I really do.” When O’Brien asked him about the dress code on his personal golf course, Daly said, “If you wear a tie you’re kicked out.”

Does Daly own a golf course? 

John Daly has a company called JD Designs, which designs golf courses. One of its projects was the Sevillano Links at Rolling Hills Casino in Corning, California.

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