John Daly Shares His
Views On the LIV Golf Invitational Series

The rising popularity of the upcoming LIV Golf Invitational Series is a concern for the PGA Tour. According to a few reports, plenty of golfers from the PGA Tour have applied for release. However, the PGA Tour pro-John Daly has advice for both these leagues. He believes by following this, both the LIV Golf and PGA Tour can get some benefit.

Daly gives his views
on the whole PGA Tour VS LIV Golf SAGA

“It’s amazing, it hasn’t popped up before,” said John.  The money is unbelievable out on our tour already, not on the champions tour, but on the regular tour. It’s just crazy money.”

what does daly think
 Pga tour and liv series should do ?

Daly said he would love to see them work together and try to figure out rather than bad-mouthing each other

Daly won’t be competing
 In the LIV Golf
Invitational Series

Daly said that he won’t be competing in the LIV Golf Invitational Series as he is a kind of PGA Tour guy. “I have been a PGA Tour guy in my life and probably always will be,” concluded John Daly.

phil mickelson's current scenario

Phil Mickelson has been facing a lot of heat for his comments about the PGA Tour. He criticized the tour and backed the rival league, and since then, he has not been competing on the PGA Tour. Phil has been away from golf for about three months now.

John Daly shares his views on the Phil Mickelson saga

“I don’t think I will be playing either one of them, but I think they were a little harsh on Phil,” believes Daly. “I mean, Phil probably didn’t say it in the right way.” Daly concluded.

golf pros leaving
pga tour

According to reports, there are around 80 PGA Tour pros who have applied for a release. Hence, it will be interesting to see whether PGA Tour permits them to compete.

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