Phil Mickelson Got Into a Heated Confrontation With Tiger Woods’ Fierce Rival Over a Misunderstanding in 2005

Phil Mickelson is considered as one of the best golfers of all time. While Mickelson has won 50+ titles worldwide, including 6 majors, another equally brilliant golfer named Vijay Singh, has decorated the world’s no. 1 position on the OWGR table for 30+ weeks. However, did you know that these two pro golfers once argued over a silly thing during a major event?

2005 masters

The incident happened at the Augusta National in 2005, where the two former champions were competing to win another Masters title. While Mickelson was on the 13th, the tournament officials stopped him and checked the spikes under his shoes. The officials did so after Singh, who played in the round after Mickelson, complained that Lefty’s shoes were leaving marks on the green.

nothing found wrong with phil mickelson

Notably, the event officials didn’t find the 2004 Masters champion’s spikes left such a trace. The two golfers found peace with each other after the event. However, not before the two had a heated argument regarding the same in the locker room.

massive pressure

Notably, Mickelson was the Masters’ defending champion, and Vijay Singh, one of the biggest rivals of Tiger Woods, was the world no. 1 at the time. As a result, the two were under pressure to win the event, which led them to argue over a petty matter.

Did either the defending champion or the world no. 1 win the 2005 Masters Tournament?

The two world-class golfers argued over a simple matter during the 2005 Masters. However, it didn’t lead any of them to win the major event. Interestingly, Woods, the professional rival of both golfers, won the title, the green jacket, and the $1,260,000 prize money at Augusta National in 2005. He won it after a battle with Chris DiMarco in an intense playoff.

what position did phil and vijay finish?

Phil Mickelson scored 70-72-69-74 from the four rounds and finished in the tenth position on the leaderboard. He won $189,000 for his overall 3-under-par score. Meanwhile, Vijay Singh scored 68-73-71-72 at the Masters and finished with a T5 rank. Furthermore, he won $237,300 for his efforts.

the pressure of winning

The pressure of winning made Mickelson and Singh act on their emotions at the 2005 Masters. Although they had a heated conversation later, neither of them kept the grudge ever since.

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