Tiger Woods' Ex-Girlfriend Takes a Major U-Turn in $30,000,000 Saga

26 March, 2023


But the reality is far from it! Woods' name has been pasted all over the news recently for one purpose only: his legal battle with ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman. And the disgruntled ex’s most recent blow to the golf pro is nothing less than mind-boggling!

Tiger Woods recently made his comeback to the PGA Tour. And the next event on his schedule is the fast-approaching Masters tournament. So one would think that’s what everyone in the golf world would be talking about when thinking of the golf legend.

Erica Herman plans to take Tiger Woods to the cleaners.

Earlier this month, Herman took the golf legend to court for an NDA that he had made her sign.

The case quickly escalated, and within days, she had slapped him with a $30 million lawsuit. She claimed that Tiger Woods had breached an oral agreement by not letting her reside in his Florida mansion.

Tiger Woods has outright denied claims of any such agreement.

Herman is certainly persistent.

By amending her $30 million blow, she has now drawn yet another weapon from her arsenal, taking a complete U-turn in her fight against Woods. Herman is now looking for permission to speak publicly about things that she claims to have known before signing the NDA in 2017.

She filed her first petition regarding the NDA at the beginning of this month.

In it, she pleaded with the court to dismiss the agreement,

Claiming that it was unenforceable due to sexual assault or sexual harassment. According to a recent BroBible report, Herman now wants more. She would like the court to define exactly what she is prohibited from discussing if the NDA is not dismissed.

Herman seeks clarity from the court about the NDA.

Herman has additionally asked the court if she is permitted to open up about “information obtained after the end of her personal relationship with” the golf legend. In her original lawsuit too, she inquired about whether the NDA prohibited her from talking about her own experiences or releasing media of herself.



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