here's How UFC superstar conor mcgregor spends his money 

Conor McGregor has achieved unparalleled success inside and outside the octagon. 'the notorious' is one of the highest paid athletes in the world. we take a look at how 'mystic mac' likes to spend his money. 


Conor McGregor is an avid watch collector. His latest purchase is a Jacob&co Astronomia priced at $1 Million. 

Credits: Insaneluxurylife/Instagram

McGregor has a host of cars in his fleet. Everything from Lamborghinis to Rolls Royces. 


Custom Clothing 

McGregor has always been known for looking daper. His custom made suits from David August cost upwards of $5,000 for one. 


Amidst the Corona Virus pandemic, 'The Notorious' stepped up his charitable donations and even bailed out an SBG franchise.

Luxury Yacht 

The 'Technomar for Lamborghini 63' is limited to 63 units worldwide. It is priced at $3.4 Million. Conor McGregor owns number 12/63

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