Impressive! Conor Mcgregor's physique transformation over the years

Credits: Conor McGregor/ YouTube

Although Conor Mcgregor made his debut as a featherweight, over the course of his career he has fought in multiple weight divisions. We take a look at the changes in his physique over the years. 

UFC debut at 145-pounds

In his debut as a featherweight, Conor was lean with not a lot of muscle on his frame. 

UFC 194 against Jose Aldo

In his fight against Aldo, Conor grew into his frame. Though he was still lean he packed on a significant amount of muscle mass. 

Credits: UFC on FOX /YouTube
Credits: UFC on Fox/YouTube

Conor McGregor at 170-pounds

The first fight against Nate Diaz at UFC 196 saw Conor McGregor weigh-in at 168-pounds. This was his first fight at welterweight. 

Credits: ESPN/YouTube

Conor McGregot at junior middleweight

Conor had to make significant changes to his body to fight as a professional boxer against Floyd Mayweather. He weighed in at 153-pounds for the fight 

Current Physique

'The Notorious' looks leaner and more muscular than he ever has as he prepares for UFC 257

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