Incredible! mike tyson's physique transformation over the years

Mike tyson has always been considered a physical specimen. ever since he was a child, tyson was extremely gifted physically. his body developed as he continued his boxing career. we take a look back at how his body changed over the years.

Mike Tyson made his debut as an 18-year-old. One thing that immediately stood out was how muscular he was for his age.

'Iron' had an extremely muscular and wide neck at around 20 inches. This helped him absorb shots a lot better.

Just one year into his professional career he fought Trevor Berbick for the heavyweight title at age 23. At this point Tyson was both lean and extremely muscular 

After his last fight in 2005, Tyson struggled with substance abuse and ballooned in size

When it was announced that Tyson would come back to fight Roy Jones Jr, Tyson followed a strict vegetarian diet in order to lose weight.

Tyson also inculcated electric therapy to drop over 100 pounds to step into the ring 15 years on from his last fight. At 54 years of age

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