Roger Federer's jaw dropping shots on the tour

With class and mastery of tennis that Roger Federer possesses he makes some shots look easy to the eye. Tap to see some of them.

Roger Federer's passing shot against Rafael Nadal

Roger Federer hit one of his best passing shots against Rafael Nadal on the clay.

Credit: Youtube/Raz Ols

Roger Federer's backhand rocket

Roger Federer shot a volley like a rocket at Wimbledon.

Credit: Youtube/Raz Ols

Roger Federer's forehand rocket

Roger Federer delivered his signature forehand winner with ease.

Credit: Youtube/Raz Ols

Around the net from Roger Federer

Nick Kyrgios was left gaping as Roger Federer somehow wins a point from around the net.

Credit: Youtube/US Open Tennis Championship

Roger Federer's insane tweener against Djokovic

Roger Federer stunned Novak Djokovic and US Open with an 'easy' tweener.

Credit: Youtube/US Open Tennis Championship

Roger Federer's defense to attack

Roger Federer tunred defense to attack easily with a simple backand flick against Tomas Berdych at Australian Open.

Credit: Youtube/Raz Ols

Juan Martin del Potro appluaded Federer's effort

Juan Martin del Potro was left applauding Federer's unreal 'squash shot'.

Credit: Youtube/Raz Ols

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