Mike tyson's most ridiculous purchases

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During his reign as the heavyweight champion of the world, mike tyson was one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. he is notoriously know for his outlandish spending habits. we take a look at some of his most extravagant purchases

Luxury Mansions

The Tyson ranch was the crown jewel in Mike Tyson's list of manions. He stayed here during the 1980s. He purchased it for $1.1 Million

Tyson is infamously known for having tigers as pets. It is reported that each one cost upwards of $50,000. 

Exotic Pets 

Gold Bathtub

It is reported that Tyson gifted his ex-wife a gold bath tub that cost him a whopping $2million

Animal Trainer

It is reported that Tyson hired an animal trainer to take care of all his exotic pets. He is reported to have been paid $125,000 per year. 


Tyson had a fleet of cars that included everything from Laborghini to Ferrari to everything in between

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