Derek Jeter’s Wife Hannah Jeter Once Bagged a ‘Six-Figure’ Deal to Feature Alongside a Talking Horse in a Weird Commercial

Derek Jeter married the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Hannah Davis in 2016. But before marrying the baseball great, Hannah had built her own lavish world. Once, she took a step ahead in her career by scoring a humongous six-figure deal to land a massive advertisement.

Hannah’s six-figure deal

Being a supermodel comes with its own perks. A year before getting married to the Hall of Famer, a source from the advertisement industry told Page Six that Hannah netted a “strong six-figure deal” for two ads on the beach.

What was the ad?

The ad was for DirecTV, where she had to appear with a horse on a tropical beach. Davis’ ad ended with her saying, “Don’t just take it from me. Take it from my horse’s mouth,” followed by her horse speaking a few lines promoting DirecTV.

How did Davis and Jeter start dating?

They’ve been in love ever since they met each other at a restaurant in 2012 where the supermodel was dining with her mother. They clicked instantly, and because both of them were single at that time, they started dating. After being together for three years, in 2015, Jeter popped the question.

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