Ranking New York Yankees Legend Derek Jeter's Greatest Ever MLB All-Star Games

Derek Jeter has had an illustrious career in MLB and Captain Clutch was undeniably a phenom on the diamond. Having been selected for the All-Star games 14 times in his career, here’s a look at 5 of Jeter’s greatest All-Star games.

#5 1998

Firsts are always memorable and that is true for Jeter’s first-ever All-Star game. From looking up to his idols to playing on the field with them, Jeter had come a long way. Jeter replaced A-Rod in the bottom of the fifth. 

#4 2000

Jeter is the only player to have won the All-Star game and the World Series Most Valuable Player awards in the same year. He achieved this at the age of 26 in the ‘00 season.

#3 2001

Remembered as the celebration of Ripken, the 2001 All-Star game saw Jeter hit one of 4 homers, resulting in the 4-1 AL win.

#2 2004

In an All-Star game, it is tough to get a 3-for-3 performance. But Jeter, being the legend that he is, has two 3-for-3 games, one of which was the 2004 All-Star.

#1 2008

It is always exciting to play on your home ground. The 2008 All-Star game at the old Yankee stadium was Jeter’s time to bask in some home-field advantage. Jeter was batting second and gave a 1-for-3 performance. 

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