Ranking the Most Famous Captains of the New York Yankees Before Aaron Judge

To date, the New York Yankees have had 16 captains. Some controversial, some iconic, here’s a list of the top 5 famous captains the Yankees had before Aaron Judge.

#5 Everett Scott

Having played with the New York Yankees in the 1922 World Series, Everett Scott was captain from 1922 through 1925 taking over Babe Ruth’s captaincy.

#4 Don Mattingly

Although the Yankees made it to the playoffs only once during his tenure, all Yankees fans keep Mattingly in high regard.

#3 Derek Jeter

Holding the title from 2003 up until his retirement in 2014, Derek Jeter had the longest tenure as a captain in the history of the franchise.

#2 Thurman Munson

The Yankees went 37 years without a captain until 1976 when Thurman Munson was given the title. The team won two World Series in a row under his captaincy until his tragic death in 1979.

#1 Lou Gehrig

One of the greatest players in baseball, Lou was the first player in the game’s history to have his number retired.

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